Explore Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia – acquire the taste of its pristine nature!

Infinite mountain ranges, rivers and lakes - thousands of places where the foot of man has not set foot

Your holidays in Kyrgyzstan!

Central Asia has been historically associated with the Great Silk Road, as well as with nomads, who lived here since the dawn of time. Kyrgyzstan lies at the center of the continent and is partly located on the Great Silk Road. Our country is full of picturesque spots; attractions that you will memorize last forever! Liberty Tours offer you a wide range of tours, covering the most picturesque spots in Kyrgyzstan: Sary-Chelek, Sulaiman Too, SonKul and Issyk-Kul, Altyn Arashan gorge (hot spring), the gorge of Jeti Oguz, the "Fairy Tale” canyon, and many more. Accommodation, 3x meals and airport reception are provided. All you need is just to relax and enjoy your best holidays in Kyrgyzstan!

Our team Our team of professionals working in the field of tourism will open the world to you in new colors. We will help you to acquire the taste of nomadic lifestyle, get astonished by the beauty of the nature of Kyrgyzstan and to taste unforgettable national cuisine. Also, along the way, you will plunge into history of nomads.
Our cars Our cars are prepared for the passage of the most difficult and exciting places in Kyrgyzstan.
Interesting places Beautiful mountains, lakes, gorges and canyons - you will see the most picturesque spots of Kyrgyzstan with Liberty Tours!
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